Structure and ownership of the business is also reflected in this profile. Our commitment to the environment and the communities we work in determines the policies that govern our organization. HMC Services.


Key Business areas of Focus

•   Program and Project Management services

•   Professional Electrical Engineering Services

•   Mechanical Engineering

•   Structural Design

•   Electrical Design

•   Logistics

•   Fibre Optic Supply and Installation

•   Training (Skills Development and Upgrade)


It is in our interest that we provide professional and excellent services to our clients in every engagement we undertake ensuring that we have the right qualification and skills to engage with our customers.



To be the most respected management consultants company by positively impacting all our customers and environment we live in within our existence



Hawling Management Consultants is committed to ensuring that in every engagement, we provide innovative solutions that achieve the best results while abiding by the law of the South African government, and in so doing leave all stakeholders satisfied



Professionalism and excellent workmanship. Taking responsibility for our actions, accountability and honouring our commitments. We build trust through listening, being open, honest and consistent.