•   Construction of Substation up to 420kV this include all Transmission, Sub          transmission and Distribution Substations. We do Project Management            and execute substation construction projects from Site handover right              through to Commissioning.

•   Secondary Plant Works We are proficient in all aspects relating to the                Control and Protection of Substation Switchgear. This includes Cabling,            Wiring of Panels (Metering, Protection, Telecontrol, IDF, RTU, Feeder                Schemes etc).  Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning. We are proficient        in Panel Installation and wiring right up to commissioning.

•   Equipment Installation Transformers, Auto Re-Closers, Isolators, VT’s, CT’s,      Circuit Breakers, SF6 Circuit Breakers, Busbars and all other associated            equipment.  

•   Substation Civil works, Foundation and Structural works Surveying of site,        Pegging, Excavations, Formwork, Casting, Finishing off of foundations to 

     ESKOM DT Standards and Specifications, Assembly and Erection of                  Equipment Steelworks to vertical and gradient levelling standards.                    Erection of Substation Lightning masts and Substation lighting

•   Cabling Overhead Line Installation Indoor and Outdoor Termination and          joints up to 33kV. Laying of cabling up to 33kV as per Engineering                      Instructions. Earth mat and grid designs, termination and joints. HMC is            also a renowned overhead line construction company with line                          construction proficiency from 230V LV lines right through to 420kV                    Transmission Pylons.    



Planned and Fault Maintenance work on lines, switchgear, substations and cables. HMC is proficient in carrying out planned or Routine Maintenance of Electrical Plant, Switchgear and Equipment whether through the use of Stand-by teams of Dedicated Maintenance teams. This can be on-site or off-site maintenance and testing of Reclosers, Section closers, transformers etc We are also able to safely change blown out surge arresters and fuse links. We also have a thorough understanding of different types of circuit breakers and their arc quenching medium.


Protection, metering, Tele-control wiring & Communication

HMC is also a specialist in all work involving the safe mounting of panels, cable terminations, wiring of panels and Substation Yard equipment. We are provisioned in all panelling work in any substation of any size right up to the commissioning level. These panels include but are not limited to Transformer Panels, Tap Changer Panels, Feeder Protection Panels, Metering Panels, AC/DC Panels , RTU Panels, IDF Panels, Battery Chargers and Battery Panels. We also do wiring from the respective relays, CT and VT junction boxes, circuit breakers junction boxes and isolator junction boxes (where applicable). We will install the above mentioned panels up to commissioning stage to standard and as per prescribed wiring diagram.