Vegetation Management

Our Company specializes in all aspects of vegetation management from brush cutting, chainsaw, high risk tree felling, to weed control. All our staff have been trained in all these areas of expertise and we are presently doing vegetation management for Eskom on a national basis. Furthermore, we also train and assist qualified staff to obtain their Pest Control Operators certificates from the Department of Agriculture. This enables them to apply or supervise their staff to apply herbicide legally. With Eskom on their transmission lines we cut the grass with tractors due to the volumes and distances. The company also specializes in fire-fighting and fire breaks on high risk vegetation areas.        


Wood Pole Replacement

The provisions of Supervision, Labour, Equipment and Transport required for the replacement of Class 3 and Class 4 rejected wood pole structures. Submit an overall outage plan to the client after carrying out the initial line and route inspections. Meet all ESKOM Wood Pole DDT Standards.


Major & Minor Reticulation

Minor & Major Reticulation building of power lines for Low Voltage and Medium Voltage 11- 33kV