Project Management

•   Project Management - PMI and IPMI

•   Development of project specific procedures and management plans with particular          reference to project services and the project execution plan.

•   Implementation of project management plans and drive corporate governance.

•   Stakeholder expectation management and implementation.

•   Compiling and presenting project performance presentations.

•   Devise and refine project controls systems, establishing a project work breakdown            structure, commodities and organisational structure methodologies in line with                industry best practices.

•   Implement established procedures for baseline schedule and cost control                          budgets, monitor progress and actual expenditures, and develop forecasts.

•   Track and analyse project costs including budgets, commitments, actuals, accruals,          and forecasts.

•   Produce analytics including forecast to budget and estimate, forecast to actuals, and      contingency analysis.

•   Ensure all accounting and regulatory compliance issues or guidelines are                          implemented.

•   Support early identification of long lead items, resource constraints, and required            project start dates.

•   Developed Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to report project performance on                earned value management, with parameters tracked against physical progress.

•   Perform forensic claim analyses in accordance with the agreed contract terms and            conditions.

•   Identify opportunities to reduce cost and time on project execution.

•   Perform activities relating to contract and subcontract administration and ensure              compliance to contractual terms.

•   Ensure project objectives and agreed specifications are achieved, with strict                      adherence to HSE standards.

•   Implement risk management by the application of statistical methodologies to                calculate deterministic ranges on most likely outcomes.

•   Create and update job safety analysis and task hazard assessment.

•   Submit weekly and monthly progress reports as required.

•   Raise and close technical queries and non-conformances; respond to and manage          disputes with contractors. Liaison and Stakeholder Management

•   Manage stakeholder expectations through the maintenance of clear lines of                      communication to meet company strategic objectives.

•   Liaise with Supply Chain Management to ensure the company’s standard operating          procedures are followed and incorporated within the business.

•   Formed strong professional relationships to ensure internal and external                            stakeholders’ satisfaction with projects’ performance.


Truware Project Management Tool

The system is platform independent and can be accessed from any device that has access to the internet.

•   Geo-location clocking makes use of GPS co-ordinates to clock users in and out at customer sites.  

•   Form templates are customizable to ensure effective data collection of relevant information.  

•   Workflow procedures can be defined according to sequence of events. Dependencies or milestones can be defined with built-in notifications to                                management when they are in danger of running late. Workflows can be used to manage projects, compile safety files and manage processes.  Gantt charts            showing slippage and progress.  

•   BOQ’s makes provision for multiple rates types per item....i.e. Labour, Material etc.  BOQ’s can be divided into sections and automatic totalling per section is          calculated.  The system provides you with the PO value, expenditure and variance on each item per rate type. Overspend is highlighted in red for easy                      identification. The BOQ will be linked to the project plan to ensure site diaries and material requirements can be managed.

•   Notes and files can be uploaded on any step in a workflow or BOQ.  

•   Audits is a specific function in the system and it works on a points system.  

•   Truware manages compliances of employees and contractors. Reports of non-compliance and reminders of expiring compliances can be generated to manage      the relevant compliances.

•   Management dashboards gives users a summarised status view of projects and BOQ’s, with drilldown facilities to view how figures are compiled.

•   A notification system ensures that certain procedures are monitored....i.e. You can define who should fill out a risk assessment and on what days, the system can      e-mail you a notification if this does not happen.